Fantasy golf is one of the most overlooked fantasy sports out there. In addition to being a challenging, strategy-based game, it’s also a lot of fun and can be quite profitable. All you need to get started is a few dollars, some time to research, and interest in the game of golf.

How to Play Fantasy Golf

While there are numerous scoring systems and league setups, basic fantasy golf games go like this: you have an objective, which is to score more points than your competitors. As you draft a team and rack up points, your chances of winning go up too. Since golf isn’t a team sport, it’s kind of unique in the world of fantasy sports, but it can be fun, challenging and profitable for those who know some strategy.

You start by drafting a squad of golfers, and depending on how well they play in each PGA tournament, your winnings will go up or down. You have a salary limit so you must draft a really good set of golfers to get as many points as you possibly can. Understanding how fantasy golf works is critical to get more points. Basically, the system goes like this: 6 golfers per squad, who score points per whole or lose points per hole. They also score points at the finish of the tournament. Contests begin on Thursday morning and end on Sunday. Popular sites include DraftKings, DraftDay, and Victiv as well as Yahoo Sports and ESPN.

The great thing about playing fantasy golf is that it requires less skill and experience than other fantasy sports life football or baseball. You only need to know which players are really good and which are sub-par. So if you can draft skilled players for less, you must! All you have to focus on is how each player does on the green and what his individual strengths are, such as putting or long drives.

Entering a Fantasy Golf Contest
To enter a contest on DraftKings, for example, start by heading to the PGA lobby where you’ll see a list. Click “Sport” on the menu at the left side and choose “PGA.” Then look at the entry fee for each contest and choose one with a low fee to get started. Then click “Draft Team” to start choosing your players. The key is to draft your whole team while remaining in your budget, so be sure to choose an even spread.

Scoring Fantasy Golf
For each tournament, players can receive a maximum of 20 fantasy points in each round, with Yahoo Sports. DraftKings scores a little differently, basing their scoring on per hole scoring and tournament finish scoring. Streaks and bonuses also count as points at the end of the round. So be sure to know the rules for whichever website you pick.

Winning at Fantasy Golf
The key to winning daily fantasy golf is to score a ton of fantasy points, as many as you can. So you need to have as many of your squad members make the cut. Strategy-wise, this means having a solid all-around team and not just one or two really god players while the rest of your squad stinks. Try calculating the average odds, then looking at the Vegas Odds to plan your PGA strategy. Usually there are a few plays on each site that seem extraordinary. Look at the player’s Event History, Current Form, the course they’re playing on, statistical averages like ball striking and strokes gained, and read up on the expert plays. By doing so, you will increase your chances of winning at fantasy golf.

Fantasy Golf Strategy
Each course, for example, is much different. So figuring out where the events are going to be held is critical to beating your competition. Know the course length, green size, hazards, fairway width, and other factors. You can determine long off the tee players or great putters depending on what type of course it is. Statistics, of course, are very important as well. Look at driving distance and accuracy, strokes gained putting, and adjusted scoring. This way you can keep an eye on players who might be getting read to have a breakout game.

Fantasy golf is a fun, engaging sport for anyone of any skill level. Even if it seems less exciting than fantasy football or baseball, there is just as much planning required and the winnings are still quite competitive. With a bit of research, knowledge, and picking a good site to start playing, fantasy golf can be a rewarding hobby – or career – for any sports enthusiast.