DraftDay Review

One of the top new fantasy sites, DraftDay is a great choice for new or experienced players. They are slightly less large than other similar fantasy sports sites, and have been launched by the same team that launched CardRunners poker training. They provide great software, a low rake, and a fantastic variety of games you won’t find at other sites.

Daily Fantasy Sports – DraftDay Review

Site Navigation and Unique Game Styles
DraftDay’s navigation is very easy. They are known as one of the most easy to navigate sites available. Within the lobby, you can create an account and deposit money, find a contest within NFL, NBA, NHL, and others, draft a team, and then win as much cash as you want. Drafting rules are the standard salary cap, rapid fire, and live draft, as well as a bracket style offering. DraftDay has a number of unique style of games you won’t find on other sites.

Drafts and Scoring Types
Similar to traditional drafts, the live draft format is much like sit and go poker, where you start once all the players have signed up. They are offered with H2H and up to 6 people per team. A second addition is Pick Em, which are fast fun games. Just pick one player to fill out the team, and there’s no salary cap involved. Next is Rapid Fire, which is a very fast pick one or other from a 2-player choice. Your pickings are determined base don who will score the most amount of points. If you pick 3/5 correctly, you’ll win.

Target games are another unique offering, where the site puts up a point threshold. If you hit the threshold, you’ll split the winnings with anyone else who also did so. The guaranteed prize pool on DraftDay is one offering that many players like. You can enter in both single and multiple entry categories, where buyins range from $1-100 weekly.

Much like most other fantasy sports sites, DraftDay offers basic scoring rules for NFL, NBA, and NHL, along with MLB. You can use a DH spot in MLB, but most sites use the utility spot. There is also full PPR and negative three points for interceptions within NFL games. One really great feature on DraftDay is custom contest length for certain leagues. For example, in heads up NFL leagues, if both you and your opponent are only playing on Sunday, you won’t have to wait until Monday to see game results. They’ll simply finish right after all the players in the draft have finished playing. This means you’ll get quicker payouts.

Interface and Site Filters
DraftDay includes an interface that is extremely simple to use, clean, and intuitive. It also offers a simple interface you can modify in blue or darker themes depending on your preference. You can use filters such as salary cap or pickup, or filter by number of players and buy-in.

Additionally, you can sort by salary or private games, which will cut down on clutter in the chat window — which, by the way, is excellently positioned. No matter where you are in site navigation, the chat box has been automatically placed in an area where you’ll see it as you’re making draft picks, but it’s not so prominent as to be distracting.

Position Selection Based on Info Cards
Draft selection is very smooth and simple. When you select a position, you’ll then be auto tabbed to the next position, and then once you click a player, you’ll see their info card. This shows the player’s overview, game play performance, and stats. You can also see their average salary remaining per player, which shows you the average salary for your empty roster spots — which helps to create a very smooth and seamless draft.

Payment Methods
Finally, DraftDay is super easy to get payment on and extremely secure. Having been in the poker industry for many years, DraftDay has put special emphasis on avoiding funding issues, offering PayPal, Check, and Credit Card as deposit and withdrawal forms.

DraftDay – A Safe and Fun Fantasy Site for Sports Fans
This site is definitely poised to become a leading player in daily fantasy sports sites. With a great team, extremely knowledgeable staff, and a well-designed site, you can get started in no time regardless of your experience level. In addition, you can receive a 100% deposit bonus using an exclusive promo code from FantasySports411! Simply follow our referral link here: 100% Bonus on DraftDay

If you want to get started playing fantasy sports online, DraftDay is a great site to choose, thanks to their intuitive layout and unique game types.