How to Play Fantasy Soccer

Fantasy soccer can be one of the most exciting fantasy sports to choose from. All you need to do to become a pro fantasy soccer manager is to learn the basics of the game, understand scoring and drafting, and pick a winning strategy. Here is a quick guide on how to play fantasy soccer.

Forming a Fantasy Soccer Team
First you’ll need to choose a squad of players, composed of 2 goalies, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders, and 4 forwards. So you will need 18 players in total. Drafting players is fairly simple; just register at a site like DraftKings or Victiv, or perhaps ESPN, and then choose the ones you want. However, you’ll need to keep in mind strategy when picking players. For example, defenders are critical in keeping your odds of winning as high as possible. Think about having a very solid defense with players like Chad Marshall and David Horst. If you can select players who are the underdogs (meaning they cost less but have high performance), you’ll up your chances of winning.

Another key thing to remember when selecting a team os how important free kicks are. Look for players with very high free kicks. All you need to do is keep an eye on player stats and look for defenders or midfielders with very high free kicks for the seasons.

Fantasy Soccer Scoring and Rules
In this game, statistics are everything. Just like other fantasy sports, fantasy soccer rewards players who do well just like their real life counterparts. This includes both at the individual level and as a team. So you will need to think about both strong attackers and defenders when learning how to play fantasy soccer and choosing extremely strong teams.

Players get points just for playing in the game, for each goal they score, for every penalty save, and for defenders blocking goals (or goalies blocking goals). At the end of the game, the teams with highest points will be the winners. You can also earn more points for good defense, such as earning a point for every 6 clearances, blocks, or interceptions.

How to Win at Fantasy Soccer
So what’s the winning strategy behind fantasy soccer that will truly set you apart from the competition? First of all, know your rules inside and out. Each fantasy site will have different rules, so reading them and mastering is critical. You’ll also want to avoid big names just because they are in demand. If that player is sitting on your bench for most of the season, you’ve lost out seriously. Look for less costly powerful players like Simon Davies. Also, look for powerful midfielders who can score a lot of goals — because midfielders often do get more points for scoring than forwards.

Another key strategy is positional errors. Sometimes players are put into the wrong position. If a forward registers as a midfielder, or a midfielder is registered as a defender, you need to switch them up. They can get you several extra points that will make or break the winning slot. Lastly, don’t make a panic move and implement big changes in your roster before the weekend if your players are going to be in the FA Cup Games. Instead look at game week plans and build your team around those.

If you happen to be the contestant who ends up top at the season end, you’re going to have a better winning streak. If you have collected the most points in a particular month, you’ll also get a bonus depending on what site you are registered with. Looking at entry fees is a good way to see how much the ultimate prize will be worth. As long as the league has lots of interest throughout the whole season, you’ll definitely stand a good chance of earning decent money from fantasy soccer.

In the end, this game is extremely rewarding for players who know how to dedicated time to research and strategy. The key is to play your team according to how well players do as midfielders, defenders, or goalies. Consider seeking the underdogs, as well; they’ll give you a big bang for your buck if you choose them right. With just a little bit of time and watching the scores carefully, you can plan the right statistics to earn a winning streak at fantasy soccer for the season.