How to Play Fantasy MMA

Fantasy MMA is one of the most exciting and newest fantasy sports that you can play online. It’s different than other fantasy sports in that you have a numerous amount of styles and strategies available and can still be successful. The key is to find a system that works for your entire group, satisfying each player’s needs. If you’re looking to learn how to play fantasy MMA, you’re in the right place!

Categories of Fantasy MMA Leagues
Leagues in fantasy MMA are fairly simple, falling into one of three different categories. These include scoring, betting, and individual leagues. Scoring and betting leagues allow players to select fighters from a pool that will also hold for the next event, and fighters aren’t exclusive to just one owner. In individual leagues, however, players to get to select individual fighters who are exclusive to them.

Fantasy MMA Scoring Types
After each round, points will be tallied for each player. Leagues will let you select between 5 and 7 players in general. Typically, first round KOs or submission is 5 points, later round KO or submit is 3 points, and victory by decision is 1 point. You then lose points for each round loss. At the end of the event, the team who has accumulated the most points will be the winner.

Betting leagues are a little bit different. Players get a starting salary cap of around $1000 (in fictitious currency). Then they bet on fighters for each fighting event. These leagues are a little bit trickier and require more calculation because unlike points leagues, you actually have to think about the odds and what your returns will be for each bet. Some sites let you do this automatically by calculating the odds for you.

With DraftKings fantasy MMA leagues, point scoring is done based on moves scoring, like significant strikes, reversals and sweeps, takedown, and knockdowns, which have varying points to add to the score. At the end of the fight, based on round number, more points will be added as well. Team rosters have 5 fighters per event. Like many other fantasy sports, the goal is to win as many points as possible by the end of each round, which can be done by considering specific strategies for MMA fighters.

How to Win at Fantasy MMA
There are a few tricks that will help you win at fantasy MMA. For one, you may choose fighters who have a high potential to score a lot of points and not cost very much. While these fighters can bring big rewards, they are also riskier. But they will increase your odds of winning in betting leagues. In cases where you find yourself without a lot of money to spend, they can be especially good choices. Another tip is to select four really strong fighters and then get a low cost fighter with lower winning chances in that last spot. This way you’ll at least have 4/5 strong fighters and the last one may or may not win, but won’t matter a ton in the end because you have that strong core in your team.

Lastly, think about fighters who can finish well. Since a 1st round stoppage is worth 100 points, fighters who get a first round finish give you a huge boost in the overall game. A fighter who receives 50 strikes landed and 3 advances will only score 53 points while that other guy who landed the 1st round knockout has a 100 point boost right off the bat.

The great thing about fantasy MMA is that you don’t have to know everything about the real sport to get somewhere. You just have to understand the basics. What’s more, you need to have some simple strategies lined up like choosing strong starting fighters. Your advantage here is that you aren’t playing against real fighters. You’re just playing against typical MMA fans. They aren’t’ going to know that much more than you, so if you have read up on the latest MMA strategies, winners, and fighting styles, you’ll be able to win.

Ultimately, fantasy MMA can be a great online sport to bet on and wager a few dollars to get started. Who knows — you might end up winning big on your first few rounds. Or you might just discover a fun, interesting hobby that will let you draft fighters, bet on them, and then collect your winnings. The main sites to choose from are DraftKings, Victiv, and ESPN. Get started playing fantasy MMA today — you won’t regret it!