FanDuel Review is one of the leading fantasy sports sites available. With millions of paid users, tons of information on each sport, and a great support helpline, FanDuel is an excellent site for anyone looking to start laying fantasy sports. The site offers daily and season-long games for NFL, NBA, NHL, and other sports. Their contests include head to head, leagues, and tournaments. Just for one year alone, FanDuel paid out over a million dollars for fantasy basketball alone. In this FanDuel review, we’ll look at the most interesting features of this fantasy sports site.

FanDuel Review

Getting Started on FanDuel
To start playing on FanDuel, all you need to do is sign up on the site. Then, you can deposit a little bit of cash into your account. Or you can just set up your account and leave it be while you get a feel for how the site works. Once registered, you can then select a contest from the main page. You can start drafting your team right way.

Before signing up, try using a promo code when you make your first deposit. There are plenty of promo and coupon codes available so it’s a good idea to seek some out before signing up. You can save a lot and accrue more money over time through this simple technique. To deposit funds, you can use a credit card, such as Visa or Discover, or you can use your PayPal account.

Choosing a Sport and Contest Type
Choosing a game to play can be done in a variety of ways. You can order by game type or entry type for pretty much any sport you wish. Additionally, you can sort games by sport or content type, league, or tournament. As our FanDuel review highlights, the site also gives you the option to sort by entry fees and select available and start times for each games. Since you can actually create your own contest on FanDuel, the site is a bit unique in that respect.

Choosing a team is where the real fun starts. For each sport, you basically have a salary cap and many different positions you can fill with players who have salaries that match up to their talent levels. Filling your team will allow FanDuel to calculate and display the average salary per player. So if you have $10k left, FanDuel will give you players with averages of $5000 if you have 2 spots left on your roster. Then, once you have filled your entire team slots, you can begin the game. Keep in mind that it is critical to know the scoring structure for each game so that you can appropriately choose players for each game.

How to Win on FanDuel
To win at your particular sport, you need to score as many points as possible, beating our your competition. 50/50 payouts are much flatter in structure and will pay pretty much every player who is finishing in the top half of the game. However, tournaments and leagues are more competitive and use tiered payout systems. If you win in tournaments. you risk more, but you also have a bigger prize pool — especially if you are playing in a very large tournament.

When you’re ready to withdraw your winnings, all you need to do is click the down arrow beside your username. This will let you click a withdraw button and shows you the PayPal account associated with your account and current balance. FanDuel will allow 48 hours to process requests.

FanDuel User Interface and Site Design
FanDuel is a great site for someone new to daily fantasy sports. The site itself is clean, modern, and mobile friendly. It is easy to get started right away. Picking players is also pretty simple but you should keep an eye on certain aspects of your players in order to win. The position, name, number of games played, and player’s salary are all important factors to be aware of. By clicking on the plus sign at the end of each player’s information, you can add them to your roster. Watch his status for each game (such as out or game-time decision). Click on a little piece of paper icon to read player notes.

Hopefully, our FanDuel review has helped to explain some of the main features of this site. FanDuel is one of the best ways to get started playing fantasy sports because you have many options as to which games you can play, which players to draft, and how much you can earn if you win. The site provides real-time updates to make sure you know where you stand amongst your competitors. Stats will help you figure out each player’s daily score and the site offers clear scoring rules under the Help section of the drop down menu, so you never have to worry about confusion. Get started playing on FanDuel today!