Review is one of the most unique fantasy sports sites available. While not as large as some of its competitors, the site hosts a very generous referral program, along with a large offering of sports to choose from. For newbies or seasoned veterans, the site has plenty of features to keep players coming back time and time again.

Our FantasyDraft Review

Getting Started on
As with most sites, the registration process is simple. You just need an email address, user name and password, and to check the box stating you’re over 18. You’ll need either credit card or PayPal to use the site. Once you’ve chosen your payment method and verified your account info, you can go straight to the game selection screen to start drafting players.

Game offerings at FantasyDraft are in the typical salary cap format, feature seven major sports: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, college football, and college basketball. Since the site design is simple and intuitive, you can easily join and filter each contest by type, entry fee, and prize winnings.

FantasyDraft League Types and Drafting
At FantasyDraft, there are beginner leagues with players under 60 games as well we as 50/50 games, head to head, and user created leagues. To start drafting players, all you need to do is get players from three different teams. Additionally, you cannot add more than four players from one single team. With each player card, you can see the individual’s stats for the season, splits, team and player news, and a summary of their matchup. Referral Program
FantasyDraft features a generous referral program. If you sign up through a friend’s link, you will receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $600. In addition, you will be able to get future Grinders-only bonuses like free rolls and premium content. The really great part about their referral program is that you get paid not just for players you refer, but for the players your referrals refer. So you will continue to earn money for spinoff referral fees as well.

Unique Site Features
Some important features of FantasyDraft are that it’s catered to casual players, and it prefer growth over profit. Its constant addition of new player friendly features like a multi-entry cap and a favorable rake structure make it one of the best places for new players to start. The site also shows itself to prefer growth over profit by the generous referral program and serious deposit bonus. So it’s clear this site wants you to sign up and start playing and continue playing for a long time to come, which you’ll definitely want to since you can earn a lot and have fun playing at the same time.

Important Considerations
Keep in mind that when choosing a fantasy sports site, just going with the biggest one isn’t always the best choice. Look at certain sites where you get a bonus just for signing up, like FantasyDraft, or where one win can give you a lot of prize money in the top finishes. Larger sites do often have big tournaments, so there is a larger money pool as well. Another consideration is safety and easy of use. Most of the big sites offer this. Since FantasyDraft is definitely one of the up and coming daily fantasy sites of 2015, it’s a great choice for newbies or old time sports fans alike.

Another important thing to think about when choosing a site is gameplay. Since this site offers a lot in terms of options for what league you choose, what scoring options are available, and various payout types, you do have flexibility. With sites like Yahoo, you don’t have as much convenience or choice. Make sure to pick a site that caters to your style and preferences. If you want to keep coming back — which you do in fantasy sports — the best way to do it is to enjoy the site you’re using. So user experience is a key factor; the site should appeal visually and be extremely intuitive.

Ultimately, the FantasyDraft’s generous referral program, ease of use, and wide variety of sports offerings make it one of the best to choose from. Since it’s also so user-friendly, it makes a great choice for the beginner. You can get started right away thanks to the huge referral bonus and keep winning more money as you play games throughout the season. Or just keep betting daily until you’ve played enough games to get your feet wet. This site has many advantages for seasoned players, as well, like its simplicity and good reputation. Get started on FantasyDraft today!