Top Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategies to Score Major Cash

Fantasy Baseball Draft

Finding the best fantasy baseball rotisserie league tips and strategies is critical to keep a nice steady flow of income. Thankfully, there are a few basic concepts to keep in mind and once you learn these, you can see consistent winnings. The key is to read up before you start playing so you can beat out your competition ahead of time. By keep an eye on specific trades and pickups, you can earn more with season long games. Here’s a quick guide on some of the best strategies for your fantasy baseball draft to see consistent winnings.

Choose Wisely in your Fantasy Baseball Draft

Be adaptable
Every player of roto fantasy baseball knows that fantasy drafts aren’t that much different from being in a war. You might have a great plan of offense, but the battle itself will be messy and unpredictable. Being able to keep a cool head under pressure and change your draft as necessary is vital to winning games over the season. This is one of the most important keys in finding the best fantasy baseball draft strategies.

Always learn and read as much as you can
To really become a master of fantasy baseball, you’ll have to treat it like an art and a science — and this means reading and learning as much as you can all the time. Read as many team pages and articles as you can. Talk to successful players and find out what they do. Look at season stats and keep an eye on positions and team/player rankings. Watch the games as much as you can. This way on draft day, you will know some insider information that help you draft a superb team.

Keep an eye on mock drafts
Looking at different mock drafts can give you an idea of what other fantasy participants are doing to be successful. You can see which players they are drafting and the prices they’re paying, which helps you find some special picks you might not consider otherwise. This strategy can really help out in early rounds of each draft.

Don’t pay too much for your catcher
Of course the catcher is a critical position in fantasy baseball. But don’t focus so much on drafting a well-renowned catcher that you pay for it with other good players you can be picking for the rest of your team. If every great catcher has already been drafted, just pick one and hope for the best. When it comes to rotisserie fantasy drafts, even if all the top catchers are only available for far too much in terms of cash, the best thing you can to is just choose one for $1 as the final pick for your team. When you’re developing the best fantasy baseball draft strategy, it’s key not to overspend on your catcher.

Avoid being focused on the top 50
The top 50 fantasy baseball picks might be popular, but we all know their stats. The real key to winning consistently is finding those underdogs and understated players who no one knows or thinks about.

Don’t fret over each pitcher’s wins

The team is what controls wins, not the pitcher. Great pitchers on bad teams still show the most in terms of gains for each category but might rank really low for wins. The stats you want to be looking for are strikeouts, nice low ERA numbers, and great WHIPs. It’s important to look at your pitcher’s stats overall when developing the best fantasy baseball draft strategy. This way you can cover all your bases, no puns intended, even if you don’t have the strongest team overall.

Don’t pay more than you should for elite closers
Even if you have a closer who has a low ERA or a less-than-ideal WHIP or K/9, if their number of innings pitched is less, then the overall damage they’ll do to tht draft is also less. Look for players you’ll be able to pick up on the lower price range or pick a few starters that have relief eligibility. about 34% of closers at the start of the season end up losing their job as the games go on, so just use those hard earned fantasy bucks on other positions instead.

Try not to focus too much on your home team
Sure, everyone has a home team they love. Why else would you play fantasy baseball if you didn’t? But the point of playing fantasy baseball rotisserie leagues isn’t to try to draft your favorite players from real life games, it’s to win the bets. If they happen to be on your home team and are excellent picks for the draft, all the better. But if you stick too rigidly to your favorites, you’ll likely end up with an empty wallet.

These are just a few of the best tips for roto fantasy baseball drafts in season long games. Remember to keep an eye on stats, draft carefully, and read/learn as much as you can. Check Twitter for updated posts for each league and keep an eye on what the pro fantasy drafters are doing to get great winnings — and even interview them if you can!

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